Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Back At It

Aaannnddd. . .we're back.  After a week in the Colorado high country (if you follow me on Instagram you saw our adventures), we are back to cleaning, laundry, cooking and trying to move my children off their enlarged summer bottoms.  So far only laundry and some cleaning has taken place - though I got a wild hair while vacuuming yesterday and space-bagged a ton of stuff in my linen closet.  As a result, I'm not afraid to open the door anymore (I just have the top shelf of toiletries running loose to deal with.)  I did have to cook for the in-laws last night, but with hubby out of town for the week, I see sandwiches for the rest of the week.

We had a great week of doing nothing.  We met up with hubby's siblings and their families for our annual trip up to Taylor Park.  The menfolk did a lot of fishing.  I think my nephew and his friend spent every waking moment on the lake and caught a ridiculous amount of fish.  The weather took them off the lake only once.  My boys fished the smaller inlet pond behind our cabin.  They had spied a large Pike and were determined to get him; he remained elusive.  We made a trip up to Crested Butte.  I took three of my kids down to the beach to play one afternoon.  My daughter, my sister-in-law and I drove around the area so my daughter could snap photos.  I finished one book and started another.  I knitted.  I even scrapbooked a couple pages for the Sketch Solutions class.  We enjoyed a bonfire - the 5 y.o.'s highlight.  We saw deer, elk, marmots, lots of fish and just the great beauty that is the Colorado mountains.

Happy Tuesday,

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