Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Weekend and The Layout

I said on Friday I was hoping to play and play I did.  It was cool and rainy...stormy actually, so it was a good weekend to be inside.  

We did some gardening, since we received a Nasty-Gram from our HOA.  It was in the plans to do some clean-up anyway - it wasn't worth the time and effort of a note, to be sure.   Actually, I was telling the boys I needed some weeding done as I was opening the lovely "do it or pay a fine" note from the management company.  They weeded the offensive area on Thursday, then Sunday we planted the tomatoes, fixed some sprinkler lines in the garden, picked another bunch of strawberries (they became Strawberry Shortcake last night), cut the Aspen suckers out, and did more general weeding.  Then another storm blew in and we headed inside.

Saturday I spent an hour in a class chat for Sketch Solutions, that was fun and now I must buy a grid-notebook.  The boys mowed the grandparent's lawn and we continued to pull more things out for the garage sale this weekend.  It's a big pile at the base of my stairs right now (and is making me nuts), which will probably look like nothing once it's outside.  I need to start marking things with prices and have the boys put together their Imaginext so people see they are complete.

I did get to play, even used my Silhouette for the first time, on Sunday; you'll see those three layouts over time.  Today, I'm sharing Lesson 1 from Sketch Solutions over at Big Picture Classes which I did last weekend (?)  It was during the big creative run, whenever that was.

For this traditional layout, I converted the one-page sketch to a two-pager and used the April Smaller kit.  I was using up the remainder of the patterned paper (my first use was HERE), I added cardstock, the flowers (buttons were part of the kit), "Laugh" wood-cut and the journaling tag - all from my stash (thank you Stashbusters, which has me actively thinking about, and reaching for, my stash.)

It's been fun to do some traditional layouts since I've yet to print sheets for Project Life® 2013 or 2014.  I've even thought about tackling my December Daily with this class, but need to print those, too.  That's the fun part of scrapbooking, there's always something to do.

Happy Tuesday,

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