Thursday, July 30, 2015

Throw Back Thursday

A couple Friday's ago I shirked by cooking duties and headed north with a friend for a little creative time.  I sat most of the day, instead of planning.  Then a couple hours before leaving I decided to get my stuff in gear.  I had initially wanted to work on one of my December Daily albums, but I could not find the pictures I set up for printing. I don't know if I printed them already (guess I need to add "sort out crop bags" to my list), the file was lost when I switched computers (doubtful, hubby is diligent in full back-ups), or if I was dreaming.  I'm thinking the dreaming is a pretty sure bet - I was probably setting up photos for something else and just got confused; also a sure bet.

So instead, 15 minutes before I left I grabbed some photos, paired them up with Apron Strings kits, jammed them in my bags and ran out of the house.  I grabbed a lot of fall stuff, including this Doodlebug Halloween Parade kit that was in the October '13 Smaller kit.

I paired up the fun and bright paper with these First Halloween photos of my now 6 y.o; he was just over a month old at the time.  We will pretend I'm a good mom and that this isn't his second page...ever.  

I kept it simple and just trimmed the photos.  The background was pretty busy, in combination with his photos, so I blocked the layout on black cardstock and then put that on the patterned paper.  This is a great trick when you like the design of a given paper, but the combination of the photos and the paper just don't play well together.  I've heard you can trim out a chunk of the back paper to save and use later, but I'm not that motivated.

The tags came with straws (they make picks or flags) but I opted to hang from the baker's twine like pennants.   I have a couple full sheets of patterned paper and a very limited selection of embellishments left.  The papers I can probably add to another Doodlebug line, as their color pallets stay pretty consistent.  The remaining embellishments will get sorted out.

I like the layout.  I feel even better than my sweet boy now has two pages to call his own.  Someday I sincerely hope he will have three.

Happy Thursday,

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