Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Try It On Tuesday

It wasn't that I wasn't motivated on Monday for a Motivation Monday post, it's just I was up to my elbows in bread dough and with looming high temperatures making my kitchen more like the oven, well...

If you're looking to get a little craft on this week, you're in the right place for some inspiration.   Today, we'll start with this color pallet.  You can find more on the Color Theory board.

The colors are bright and, more than likely, you see Summer.  I do.  But wait and see how easily they work for other seasons.  Here are three kits where you can find them.

First, you'll find it in the Pebbles Garden Party line (top), which was in the May '14 Bigger kit.  This would be the traditional  summer-inspired line.  It'd be cute for your gardening activities, splash days, even bridal/baby showers.  Remember the b-sides to give you more options.

Bo Bunny's Candy Cane Lane line (middle), which was in the December '14 Smaller kit, helps you see the color pallet in a different light.  A Christmas light, that is.  The colors here give this Christmas/Winter line a vintage feel.  

Finally, hop over Easter from the Echo Park Happy Easter line (top) from the April '15 Smaller kit.  Pastel versions of the color pallet work for Spring themes, including all things Bunny.

It's not just about the colors.  Remember, there's inspiration to be drawn from the photo, too.  The fish are super cute. There's their obvious use in looking for fish papers, buttons or brads.  But their scales make me think of layering items or scalloping edges.  Their golden sheen makes me think of adding gold accents that are all the rage now and come in everything from gold-foiled papers, to alphabets, to envelopes.  The fish are "outlined" in contrasting colors, so think about using stitching to add texture to your layouts.  It's hard to see, but there is a small lotus flower in the lower left of the photo - so drag out some floral accents.  The flower even looks a little mother-of-pearl.  Sort through your stash looking for pearl flourishes, pearl buttons, or just plain adhesive pearls.

Now let's pull it all together with a PageMaps sketch.  One that incorporates the above mentioned scallops - in the border strip and in the oversized mat that holds the layout.  There's the stitching (around the title) and a couple places for layered groups. 

So this should be a good jumping off place.  Now go and create.

Happy Tuesday,

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