Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Try It On Tuesday

I'm calling it Try It On Tuesday, because I was unmotivated for Motivation Monday.  

It was a quiet, slow-paced weekend.  Though as I look back, it was a weekend spent trying to reorder my house.  I had one of those moments where you spy clutter in one corner, and that one moment hones your view and all you see in every corner is clutter.  Today, it's better, but then I haven't been to the basement since Thursday, where clutter reigns.

We'll start with a color pallet.  (You can find more combos on the Color Theory board.)  I like this combo, it's fresh and bright.  Plus the photo just reminds me of Farmer's Markets and all the great fresh foods this time of year.

This color combo is pretty easy to find in a lot of lines.  Below you'll see it in the American Crafts #Summer line (top line) and the Jillibean Spicy Social Soup (middle line) found in the Smaller 2014 August kit.

It's also in the Basic Grey Herbs & Honey line, which was in the June 2014 Bigger kit.

Now, the colors are a place to start, but the photo could yield more.  The radishes are round - round is a good design element:  brads, buttons, tags, even cut or punched patterned paper.  The carrots lead me to thinking about longer embellishments:  lengths of ribbon, strips of paper, even strip-style journaling.  Plus the whole garden theme, makes me think of rows or grids, whether that's photos or the layout as a whole (vertical or horizontal), fruit or veggie patterned papers, chalkboard embellishments (like garden markers) and wooden pieces.

Need a visual?  Here's a PageMaps sketch, rather two since they're single pages, to get you rolling.  Both give you a grid/row layout.  Both contain vertical and/or horizontal pieces (ribbon and the general layout in the first; and grid layout and vertical stitches in the second.)

So, if you pretty much blew off Monday - and who would blame you, it was Monday after all, gather some inspiration today and get rolling.

Happy Tuesday,

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