Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hop To It Challenge #8

Just a disclaimer, I did look for mine, as I know I've shared it online before, but couldn't find it in the files on this computer. I have one more place to look, but I'm gonna get this post up without it at this point. WHAT!? Why the next challenge of course. (insert evil laughter here) You know we all started scrapbooking somewhere. I, myself, started 14 (14?!) years ago at a Creative Memories crop - I suspect a lot of us started there. Back when there was nothing out there. Really. Nothing. But I cranked out pages and was amazed - sticker-sneezed, cardstock corners and all. My how far things have come. As great as those pages were then, they don't so much stand up now. They may in fact elicit a cringe and hearty laughter; the what was I thinking kind of laughter. Inspiration can be found anywhere. Anywhere. (evil chuckle here) Even on our first pages. So, dig out the first page you did and find something on it that inspires you to create another layout; could be the colors you used, maybe punches have you thinking of a new way to use them, the photo layout, clip art (yes, we had to resort to clip art at one time) makes you think of doodling again or even the stickers :). Be sure you link up both the original, first layout and the one you created. Now this isn't a REDO of the first layout - the first layout is inspiring your current layout. Now, if by chance the physical layout of your, well, layout isn't the inspiration your taking, here's a sketch from Sketchy Thursdays to help you move forward.

So, enjoy the trip back in time, try not to scream or cringe - rediscover your first page for what it was - your first page, the jumping off spot, the place where your scrapbooking was born. :) Oh, and I can't wait to see what they inspire in you now. And to laugh of course. No, just kidding. No I'm not. Photobucket


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Deanna said...

Here's mine inspired by one of my first layouts. Also, wanted to thank Lori for always commenting on my work for the challenges! I look forward to hearing your thoughts! Thanks a bunch!

"My Easter Basket"

Kristin - The Fifth Sparrow No More said...

Mine is done!

Molly said...

What a fun challenge, I have not looked at these pages in a while. Now I am not 100% sure this was my FIRST page, but if it was not, it was pretty close! It is of my adorable kittens I got in 1999. Yes, the cats predate my husband and my child. Unfortunately one of them (Lucy) passed away a few years ago, but I still have Habe, my first born! The LO is not TOO bad, it could have been worse considering it was done over 10 years ago!

This is the LO it inspired. I liked the colors and the heart themes. I considered using some of the stickers from the original LO, as I still have some in my stash (believe it or not), but decided not to. I also chose not to use the fancy scissors this time, LOL!!!