Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Week in the Life Day #1 Revisited

Actually, it's just the photos and thoughts from yesterday, Day #1, hence the "revisited." It was fun to capture pieces and parts of the day again - it's what I enjoyed about the 365 Project.

Tom enjoys making breakfast for himself, though he'll share, and the past couple mornings I've come downstairs to the smell of his french toast. Explains where all my eggs are going.

He's usually my oatmeal boy, but thought we'd change things up a bit and go for our first bowl of cold cereal and milk. Well, first of his own, he has no problems sneaking bites from mine. From the looks of it, Cheerios are a hit with milk! Now the big question, will he eat oatmeal again?

I'd like to say it's milk, or water, or at least tea. But no, it's my coffee - fully loaded. He snuck up behind me while I was folding clothes - all his giggling and enjoyment had me turn to see what the fun was all about. COFFEE!

This is our third solar system - the first for Jackson though. He knew what he wanted and spent a week getting it just that way. You'd have to know Jackson to know how "Jackson" this truly is; our Lego Brickmaster.

There are days when homework is on the run. But this isn't bad a book, Dad as a wind break and sorta soft grass. If it weren't for the wind, it would have been a perfect evening.

There are perks to a busy sports season - lots of family time.

Spring in Colorado. Deep blue skies.

5:30 make-game. 7-0 Loss. Or maybe 8-0 - I've blocked it from my mind. And, as for that 2-page layout. . .ah . . . yeah. If that's gonna happen there's gonna need to be some serious editing or thumbnail sized photos.
See ya tomorrow.


Kristin - The Fifth Sparrow No More said...

My Amory drinks my coffee too! Besides the head spinning around like some Exorcist movie it hasn't done any harm!

Nitasha said...

This is great!! I've been taking pics and journaling in a notebook, but still can't decide if I want to make a mini album or make a layout for each day....guess I better make a decision soon since the week is winding down!

Funny, I took a pic of the sky this morning too as I was drivig into downtown to work- even though it's not a good idea to drive and take pics especially in morning traffic! Oh well= it's in the name of art!!....: )