Friday, July 1, 2011

Out With the Old, In With the New

Welcome to the month-long challenge Out with the Old, In with the New.  This month is gonna be crazy with challenges.  Any necessary details will be given with each challenge.  One Grand Prize winner will be drawn from all those who have played along during the month.  Weekly prizes will be given, as well.  If you're not a formal "follower" of the blog, now's the time to follow, as I've been known to select a random follower, or two, or three to award a little goodie to.

Out with the Old? Out with the old, as in get out your old.  Your older stuff that is.  In with the New. . .and we're gonna mix it up with some new stuff.  By the end of the month you'll have less stacks of photos, less stacks of supplies and more completed pages.

Today's challenge:  With the July 4th weekend right here, use your oldest summer-themed Apron Strings kit (oldest summer-themed paper if you don't have Apron Strings kits) and combine it with your newest metallic embellishments.  I won't be posting challenges over the weekends, so this challenge along with all of next weeks, will be due next Saturday evening, July 9th.

And to help things come together quicker, a little sketch from Nuts About Sketches.  I like the 4x6 photos (no cropping necessary) and how much product you'll be able to use up on it.  =D

Now, go dig out your older supplies, call-up your cyber-friends (get them to follow along too. . .prizes remember =D) and let's get crankin'


Christine Bennett said...

Umm, what if my newest metallic embellishments are a few years old? Hm, maybe I need to go shopping before I start this challenge. :)

Lori said...

If that's your newest embellishment, then I guess that's what you use. ;D. And I'm not sure that dealing with your stash requires that you go out and ADD to it.

Happy Scrappin!

Unknown said...

Lori I haven't scrapped since your last lot of challenges! So pleased to see these back again. I will try to re-find my groove! Thanks!

Deanna said...

I love these challenges using up our older stash, Lori!

I added my link to "Forked Run State Park"

Sorry, my scanner is acting up today and my green backgrounds don't look the same! ugh!

I used some Carolee's papers here along with Basic Grey Brads as my metals.

Unknown said...

Finally got one done! Good challenges - makes me want to subscribe .... maybe.
For now though I'm having fun digging out papers I haven't seen for a few years. Thanks for the push Lori!