Thursday, July 21, 2011

Out With the Old, In With the New Day 15

So we finally made our annual pilgrimage to Lakeside - a quaint, small, family-run amusement park.  Last year I told you that walking into the park is like stepping back in time.  Back to a time before enormous parks with crazy rides were the places to be.  Back before it cost you an arm, a leg, your first child and a month's mortgage payment to get in.  Seriously, we paid $1.50 for sodas.  $1.50!!  I don't think I can get a soda at McD's for $1.50.  Back before an hour wait in line was considered short - the lines were so short the kids were able to ride the roller coaster, what like eight times, I think they said.

It was hot.  It was muggy.  It was fun.  Matthew, the 2 y.o. was wide-eyed.  We spent the beginning of our evening in Kiddieland and then sprinkled just enough of other stuff for him to keep him happy while his older siblings enjoyed themselves.
Tell me, how do we go from the above slow-paced ride, when all you worry about is that they don't stand up while the car is moving, to this, below.  Where you worry that the cable and breaks are working --- and they're riding these things without you!  Which frankly, is fine by me.  You couldn't get me on there, unless I was running from zombies.  (Movie anyone?)

My challenge is figuring out how we went from there to here.  Your challenge for today is to take out your oldest kit that fits the newest style challenge.  FREESTYLE.  Freestyle is freedom.  There are no rules, you just play:  doodle, sketch, outline photos with pens instead of matting them, the look (or if you're brave your own hand) of hand-drawn titles and shapes, free-form designs.  Playful.

Some Apron Strings kits that fit this style are:
  • Fancy Pants Rough & Tough Bigger March '10
  • Pebbles Tree House Smaller June '10
  • Bella Blvd Sunny Happy Skies Smaller March '11
  • American Crafts Hello Sunshine Bigger April '11
I'm down one child and I have a small break in the action (or non-action as the past couple of days have shown) so I think I'm gonna start dealing with the stacks and stacks of stuff in my studio.  We're looking at another heat and humidity day, so why not.  Down here's better than out there.  If you don't see me tomorrow it's because I've triggered an avalanche and am buried.  Sound the alert and save yourselves.

Happy Thursday.

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Deanna said...

Here's my take on 'freestyle' and added my link, "Palm Tree Berries".