Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Out With the Old, In With the New Day 13

You know those days where you get up and you're like moving around but the moving around doesn't seem to be productive?  You move by the dishwasher and yeah it got unloaded, but another hour or so of moving doesn't produce any further progress on anything.  It's that kind of day.  I seem to be all over the house, even did some shuttling of kids, but in terms of productivity - zilch.

Hopefully, you're more productive than I am.  Today's challenge is use your oldest kit with the scariest (to you) embellishment in it and combine it with a new embellishment or paper that has no "scare factor."  What's scary?  Well, for me, it's most embellishments.  It's long documented that I struggle with getting embellishments on my layouts.  But I know other scrappers who shy away, or avoid all together, using chipboard or metal or even flowers (no names. . .Jennifer ;D).  Today face your fear but take along something familiar to do it.

If sketches make you feel safe and happy, here's yours for today courtesy of PageMaps.
Off to slough around and look busy. . .why stop now?

Happy Tuesday.


just jennifer said...

bet you thought I wasn't keeping up with the blog, huh! Planning on scrapping next Saturday, and I'll even throw in some flowers just to make you happy!

And haven't seen you on YM, computer still giving you fits?

jengd said...

I may be jen, not jennifer, but guilty as charged! ;)

Deanna said...

I love using lots of embellies, but naked chipboard and rubons are difficult for me to use.

Added my link, "Piano Kids"...

Patchi said...

Colored chipboard, just for you :)