Friday, July 29, 2011

Out With the Old, In With the New Day 21

My day started early and on the road.  First to drop my daughter off at her first day on a job - she wasn't too excited to spend her day filing for her aunt, but I hope the thought of shopping will help make the day go quickly. 

After dropping her off, I continued down the highway to my 10 y.o.'s ortho appointment to get braces on and expander off.  He was so excited to be getting braces. . .mmmm, ya.  He chatted the whole way down (a 30 minute drive) about was his expander coming off, what band colors he'd pick and his alternate choices, how long would they be on and who of his buddies he'd tell.  He was thrilled his first color choice was available (Blue and Silver) and that they cut of the expander - it was a banner day to be sure.  The day only got better when on the ride home he spotted a Ferrari and two Lamborghini flying up the highway.  Add that it's his first day off grounding from electronics, outside being his birthday or something, and he was set!

Then down to school with a few batches of "I Love Lime" White Chocolate cookies for the school's bazaar - Kathy they are yummy!  I'll get you the recipe.  Then it's some kit work and maybe more time downstairs sorting and purging.

Today is the last day of the Out with the Old, In with the New Challenge series - layouts from this week's challenges are due tomorrow night - I hope you've made a decent bite in both your older stock and some new goodies, not to mention photos.  Today's challenge is to use an older kit containing paper with trees of some kind, pair up the older kit (or papers if you don't have a kit) with newer round embellishments and newer tags.  Your PageMaps sketch. . .

Don't forget your last day to register to win in the Christmas in July drawing is tomorrow.  See the post HERE for details.

I'm looking at another fairly quiet weekend, with too much heat in the forecast for my liking.  I'm savouring these weekends - soccer will start rolling regularly in about another week.

Happy Friday!

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Deanna said...

Added my link to, "The Finishing Touches"

So sorry to see the end of our July stash challenges, but thanks so much for having them, Lori. I enjoyed looking forward to those each day and using up a bunch of stash!