Friday, July 22, 2011

Out with the Old, In with the New Day 16

Yesterday was wonderful.  Sure it was in the mid-90's and little cloud cover until late in the afternoon . . .but. . .it was dry!!  Dry!  As in no humidity - back to where it's below 20%.  It was fantastic. So much so I didn't mind being outside for a few hours while my boys enjoyed a backyard carnival. 

My sister's daughter has been running "Katie's Camp" for a couple years now.  She invites her girl friends, one day a week for usually four weeks, to her house for some crafts and good snacks followed by swimming - if the weather holds.  This year was no different, with the exception that my daughter missed most of the camp days due to having a teenager-high-schooler schedule - she's bummed.  However, yesterday was Carnival Day and my sister and niece invited the boys.  It was really cute and the boys really enjoyed it.  Fun games like knocking over cans, plinko, ring toss, bean bag throw, matching ducks and a game of dice (without side bets - well no money bets anyway.  There was some of the "you only have one more die to match" and other banter usually tossed out by siblings.)  My sister had a giant pile of prizes to choose from for the winners and then the free-for-all ensued.  Plus Carnival snacks of popcorn, candy and cookies.  (I have pictures, but I'm not on my computer to upload them.  My laptop seems to be showing signs of failure, so hubby is trying to provide some life support and bandages.)

We've heard from our daughter, who while enjoying the dorm life and life-without-parents, is having a rough go at the tournament/camp up north.  Having won only one game yesterday, and only one match today, the game part of her trip has been tough.

Wanting your scrapbook time to be fun today's challenge is inspired by the Carnival yesterday.  Use your oldest Apron Strings kit (no kit?  Then your oldest papers and embellies) with big bold strips.  Be sure to incorporate the color red, something round and rings.  If I get back to my computer, I'll try to link up a sketch and some photos.  All this week's challenges are due to be linked by Saturday evening.

This weekend is wide open, almost.  The boys start some soccer training tomorrow.  I'm hoping to make it up to another sister's house for "Movies on the Lawn" up at her place.  We'll be watching "Shrek" under the stars and I hear there might be some Sangria there. 

Happy Friday.


Deanna said...

I still had out my Sassafras Lass papers and noticed they had bold strips so used those. More details on my blog.

Added my link, "Make A Splash"

Unknown said...

Hi Lori, I guess there's no Day 17 challenge today? Just as well. I was out for dinner with the in-laws which meant major house cleaning for the sitters and no time to scrap. Looking forward to what you have for us next week!!

Judy Webb said...

Thank you for the gift for Ali's Life in the week give away.