Friday, July 15, 2011

Out With the Old, In With the New Day 11

It's the weekend....well in four and a half hours it will be.  My men folk are out fishing for the day and the calendar looks pretty wide open for the weekend.  But the heat is turning up and the Monsoons are still here, so that's a great reason to crawl downstairs to spend some time dealing with my studio.  LOL, I am determined to be cropping down there, if not at the end of the summer (hahahahahahaha) then by the end of the year.  Determined!

To get you cropping today, so that you can upload your layout by tomorrow night, your challenge for today is grab an older kit that contains a stripe or plaid patterned (you can use whatever other papers are in the kit you pick, but one of them should be a stripe or plaid) and combine that with something newer and round and something newer and soft from your stash.

Have a happy Friday and a great weekend!


Deanna said...

Added mine, "Christmas Joy!"

SKVickers said...

Uggghh...can't do it!! I had everything printed and ready to go but it's so late (I'm in Florida) and I'm so tired!!!! :) Oh well. Got all but one finished this week.

Unknown said...

Phew! Made it!!
Thanks for the fun. See you next week!