Friday, July 8, 2011

Out With the Old, In With the New Day 6

Well, rain kept us from enjoying the amusement park last night.  Gotta love the monsoons when they come - lots of humidity - ick, combined with the heat of the summer - double ick.  Then add torrential rains, thunder, lightening and rotating clouds and it's super fun!  It's a ride all on its own.  We met for dinner and found out the park wasn't going to open, so after much searching around for rainy-evening fun, we opted to head back to our place for a game of Tripoly with the former-park-goers.

So with rain in the forecast again, and sticky heat still in the area (this is Colorado, I don't do humidity) it seems like a great day to head back to the cooler basement for some cropping.

Today your challenge, besides escaping the humidity and heat in your area, is to use an older kit and five items from it:  Cardstock, Patterned Paper, Ribbon, Buttons and Chipboard and from your newer items select two more embellishments or tools.  Like if you purchased the Sew Easy kit, use it.  Or if you have Mists, use them.  If you don't have Apron Strings kits, which is a shame ;), select the items from your stash.

A sketch for you, courtesy of PageMaps.
This is the last challenge for the first week.  All are due tomorrow night - I'm hoping to see lots of fun layouts!  A winner will be drawn on Monday.

Have a super weekend and Happy Friday!


Deanna said...

This was a great sketch! Can't believe how many 2-pager I've done this week! LOL

Added my link, "Creating the Bunny House".

Thanks for all the great challenges to use up some of our stash this week, Lori! Appreciate that!

Unknown said...

Did it! Phew!!
Thanks for the fun!