Monday, July 18, 2011

Out With the Old, In With the New Day 12

It was a hot weekend.  Long, laid back and hot.  A brother-in-law was in town for a high school reunion, which was a quick turn-around, but nice to see him none the less.  I discovered the joy of pineapple coconut pancakes with a vanilla cream sauce.  And I finished my laundry. . .which means a whole week in front of me without sorting, washing or folding.  WOOHOO.

We're taking a little trip to the Florida Keys today - virtually unfortunately.  I'll take anything that makes me think of cooler places.  Cool blue waters, cocktails with little umbrellas and fruit, ocean breezes and colors that make you feel cooler just being around them.

Today incorporate this new color scheme into your layout using an old Apron Strings kit.  No kit?  No problem, select the scheme and items from your stash.

Here's your PageMaps sketch.  Remember, the sketches aren't necessary, unless you want or need the inspiration.

Finally, 37 years ago I woke up in the lobby of a hospital, on two chairs shoved together - a hospital I might add my parents had never been to prior to that night - to find out I had a baby sister.  A nurse (one none of us knew) took us to the home we had only just moved into, while my dad stayed with my mom.  She served us a breakfast of mini boxes of Kellogg's cereals, IN THE BOX.  We had never experienced anything so cool.  My poor only brother had no idea what was coming down the road - four teenage sisters.  But to my baby sister - HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  I love you.  See you tonight at the park!!

I'm sooo looking forward to the week's worth of 100 degree days - I can't tell you.  So I'm off to look for someplace cool to hang until winter arrives.

Happy Monday.


Deanna said...

Added my link to, "Trick or Treat"...

I had difficult time finding any purple in my stash as I don't scrap with that very often, but came up with similar shades of those colors in these Halloween papers.

Unknown said...

Hi Lori! I added my link for my Day 12 submission.
Thanks for your kind comments on my entries last week. It's been a lot of fun. And yes, MotherlOAD has been worth every second. If they offer it again you HAVE to sign up!
Off to bed. Tommorow I'll try to tackle Day 13. See ya!