Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Out With the Old, In With the New Day 3

I hope everyone in the States enjoyed your 4th of July.  We had a nice time with my in-laws having burgers and conversation.  The heat was awful, but had cooled down very nicely by the time we headed to the local fireworks show.  It was sort of a first for the 2 y.o.  He'd gone last year, but didn't really "get" it.  Sitting on the wide open soccer fields in the twilight he started to get it.  The neighborhoods surrounding the fields had plenty of pre-game warm-ups for him to watch.  Plus, just getting to run all over without anyone calling him back . . .he was in heaven.  When the real show began, we all sat on our "blanket boat" as the kids called it and watched the fireworks light up the sky.  The 2 y.o. loved it - calling out colors and ooo-ing and aahh-ing right along with the crowd.

For today's challenge I was thinking of my own stash of kits.  My many, many kits.  I have some that I have used and kept together because the leftover paper was large enough to meet my "keep it" requirement - larger than 6 x 12.  (Yes, smaller than that and I toss it.)  Yet I pass these kit remains up when I scrap.  Why?  I don't know.  I'm not opposed to using the same paper in more than one layout - my pages are not chronologically scrapped, so the possibilities of the two pages ending up together are slim, and if they were together I wouldn't care.

Today, take one of those semi-used kits from the past and combine it with some new cardstock.  Maybe a different color than was in the kit.  Add a new embellishment or two if all you have left is the paper.  If you don't have kits, combine some old scraps with some new cardstock and embellishments.  This challenge, along with the rest of this weeks challenges are due Saturday evening.

A note about the "New" portion of these challenges.  New is a relative term.  It does not mean go out to purchase what the challenge requires.  It defeats the purpose of pairing down your stash.  If your newest cardstock is two years old, great, use it with that five year old kit.

Oh, and because I seem to have provided a sketch everyday as well, here's the one for today.
Come on ladies - let me see your work!  I have prizes screaming your names.  :)

Happy Tuesday.

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Deanna said...

Here's my take on the sketch although I couldn't see it very well.

Added the link to my "layout, Splashing Around"...


Lori, do we always have to use the sketch? I have some photos printed ahead that I intended using for a 1 page layout.