Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Day #8

Is it Friday?  I seemed to have gotten lost somewhere after Monday and those days were lost in a blur. 

I believe I neglected to wish my daughter Happy Birthday on Monday, well neglected to do so here.  My sweet little girl is now 15!  Fifteen.  Quince.  Fourteen + One.  Quinze.  Yeah, no matter how I look at it, or spell it, it's still impossible to wrap my head around.  Our first born, our sugar and spice, our I-don'-t-do-pink girl is growing up.  I still remember clearly that first time I looked at her, with her bent button of a nose and rose-petal mouth, she was perfect and would bring us joy, laughter and consternation (that came later).  Happy Birthday, SweetPea! (My favorite picture of her; her's . . . .not so much, even at five she demanded a retake.)
I also believe I neglected to mention the prize for this week's challenges.  I mentioned it last night on Facebook, if you're following over there - Jillibean's Spotted Owl TV Dinner.  You've got plenty of time to catch up or get started to be eligible.  Layouts are due Sunday evening.  Today's challenge for non-Bingo Card holders is to incorporate an oversized and embellished photo mat or frame - make it and embellish it yourself or use a premade and decorate away.
Week 2 in my 28 Cards class started yesterday and, yep, staying true to form (so far) I completed my eighth card.  Eight cards - stamping, stitching. . .it's card mania over here.  Not really, but it is more cards than I've made in years and years.
And because it's Friday, and there's a party going on here - inspiration should be abundant.  We have Sous Chef Jennifer's layout using the February Smaller than a Breadbox, using the Pink Paislee line.  This line was almost made for her daughter's dress!

Happy Friday!


Polka Dot Door Designs said...

Goodness, they grow up so fast, don't they? My eldest just turned 9, and I am still kind of in shock that the time has flown by so fast.

jengd said...

I left a comment on my blog about this entry: Paint or Ink. I hope I'm not pushing this one too far but I'm saying ink/markers on the stamped image since it's its own type of beast and not just a plain stamped image.

jengd said...

Hmmm... again, I hope I'm not pushing it... can we submit 2 in one day? Today was a crazy miracle that I got done what I did. :) And, happy birthdat to your not-so-little one!

Deanna said...

I used handstitching today and added my link...

"Christmas Clues"

Unknown said...

Added my link - again it's my FLickr gallery 'cus I've been too busy to blog! I added liquid pearls to my hand made frame/mat combo.
Thanks again for the win. Tried sending another email - did it get to you?