Thursday, March 1, 2012

March. . .Scrap Your Stash

There's that saying about March, if it comes in like a Lamb, it leaves like a Lion.  So what would a cross between the two be?  A Liam?  That doesn't seem right.  A Limb?  Ah, no.  Well, I'm not sure, but we have a cross between the two, with a day that started out bright and sunny and is now under a Winter Storm Advisory - dropping temps, expected snow.

Not matter what the weather it got me to thinking about March.  It's typically a month where I seem to get the clean-it-get-it-the-heck-out-of-here bug.  My scrap-space will (and has been for a year or so) undergo the same scrutiny.  It's always good to take regular checks on what you have, clean it out and move it on, if necessary.  It's invigorating to dig into a drawer that not only can you find what you want, you're only digging through things that truly inspire you.

With that in mind, in March, I'll be putting up challenges that will get you Scrapping Your Stash; maybe a tip or two, maybe a sale, more than likely giveaways.  I don' know, I don't plan these things - I just get an idea and run with it.  I'll post a few pre-planning things and then I'll start with the challenges on Monday.

Speaking of stash, earlier this week I mentioned that I created cards last weekend after completing a layout.  Below are said cards, designs are scraplifted from my 28 Cards class.

Look like the soccer practice for tonight is cancelled.

Happy Thursday.


Deanna said...

Really cute cards, Lori!

So glad you're having the March Stash challenges! I have a bunch of stash (besides kits) that I'd like to get used up.

Now off to work on the last Feb. Birthday Challenge!

Charlene said...

March scrap your stash sounds great! And I love your cute but simple cards Lori! :)Can't wait for more scrappin fun!