Monday, March 5, 2012

Scrap Your Stash

Ah spring!  I know it's out there somewhere.  But usually it's still just a dream here in Colorado - we've got snowy months ahead before we start seeing Tulips and Daffodils, let alone Crocus.  But, nevertheless, this time of year I alway itch to clean, to clear, to get rid of.  Sometimes I accomplish a lot, aannnddd sometimes not so much.
This month at Apron Strings things will be different.  You're going to get layouts done and you're going to pare down that stash of yours.
We start today using Pack #2 (One sheet cardstock, coordinating paper with dots and a floral print, chipboard, 2 tags and 6-8 brads) and combine it with a set of your newest photos.

Layouts are due Saturday evening.  The prize:  ah, I haven't figured it out.  But it'll be good ;D.

Happy Monday.


Deanna said...

We haven't had much snow in our area this year, but we have flurries today! I recently took photos of my Crocus coming up. The daffodils are just now getting buds on them.

Deanna said...

Added my link and details are on my blog.

"A Joy To Us"

Charlene said...

I'm so behind! Trying to make 50 baby shower invites for my sister in law's shower. Need to mail them by next week! But I got my LO done! YAY! :)