Thursday, March 15, 2012

Scrap Your Stash Day #9

I'm sure I'm not alone in this, photography is not my strong suit (and I'm not a after-shot-editor.  Please, where would I find the time?)  Oh, I can take pictures, but to leave my pre-programmed settings - well, it's just not good.  I'm not saying there's anything wrong with my pre-sets, I love them; we are one.  But every now and then I picture myself being a photographer.  Someone who can actually use a manual setting, snap a shot and get a good picture, rather than the current method I use - attempt a setting, snap the photo, look at it, cuss, flip things on and off (cussing some more because now I've missed the shot), really never knowing what I'm doing and eventually going back to the pre-set.
Katrina Kennedy knows a thing to two about photography.  She's taught several classes at Get it Scrapped, is an actual photographer and now she's teaching via LIVE feed at True Scrap.  Her focus - low light photography.  Low-light is a serious issue for me - I get blurry, incomprehensible photos.  Is that a child?  A Jack-O-Lantern?  A firework?  What the. . .?  I just think of all the low-light situations - Halloween, Christmas, after-dark sporting events, indoor events, children's concerts and plays. . .oh my.  The things I could actually document and scrapbook if only I had a decent photo.  YOU could be a better photographer just by learning your own camera and its settings.  Katrina can help!  Go register, save $20, and get access to her wisdom and 14 other industry a-listers during True Scrap.
Photographer I may not be.  Scrapbooker I am.  Sous Chef Jennifer Halleck is both - photographer and scrapbooker.  And she has today's inspiration using the March Bigger than a Breadbox - the Echo Park side.  I love anything that documents sports; I have a child or two that are involved in sports.  Have I mentioned that?  The last layout I created about their teams and/or season was probably six years ago.  This layout I can see me getting at least a couple more years added to their books.

Time to dig into that stash again.  Look for a sheet of geometric designed patterned paper, a coordinating stripe, another coordinating pattern of your choice, two sheets cardstock, a frame, a handful of mini brads, a set of stickers and a piece or two of chipboard.  Combine them with photos of something sporty.

Happy Thursday.

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