Thursday, March 22, 2012

True Scrap - Are you going?

Okay, so time is ticking. . .are you signed up?  Registration is open NOW and the chance to save $20 on the event is quickly coming to a close.  You have only until the 31st!

Lain is so convinced you should be attending this Big-Daddy Scrap Event, she's hosting chances to win a free spot!  Seriously.  Free!  Check out these giveaways from the awesome True Scrap instructors: 
She says enter one or all 11! And even if you don't win, at a little more than $8.50 per class, it's not an opportunity you want to miss out on.  Remember this is a LIVE event with other scrappers around the world.  It's total awesomeness!  And if you miss a session, you get access 'til the end of time to view the entire event once, twice or even thrice, should you need to. 

Go.  Now.  Register to win.  Or just Register!  True Scrap 3

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