Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Scrap Your Stash #16

There are days. . .and then there a DAYS.  This is turning out to be one of those DAYS, but whatcha gonna do other than plug along, and wait for bedtime so you can start over tomorrow.
Weather here is gorgeous with more warm weather.  Unfortunately, we're experiencing the driest March on record, when this is typically one of our snowiest months.  With that we've entered Colorado's alternate season - wildfires.  There've been several in the last few weeks, what with no moisture, low humidity, and extremely high winds.  The biggest one now can be seen from my kitchen window:  the billows of smoke clouds, the hazy sunlight, the constant sound of bombers flying overhead on their back and forth from the local airport to our north and the fire just a tad southwest of us.   Sometimes you can hear the helicopters that run a bucket brigade with the bombers. 
The news of the fires got me to thinking about what I'd grab should we ever be in the path of a moving fire.  I was overwhelmed with what to take - I mean as a scrapbooker and a mom, you go for pictures and videos.  Snagging things off the walls, the albums off the shelves, the boxes of unscrapped photos.  Then there was the man on the news who said he grabbed the hard drives out of his computers - duh, didn't think of that and all the things we keep track of digitally; not just photos.  Then my mind wandered to my closet where my wedding dress is, and the chest at the foot of my bed that holds a lot of the kids' keepsakes and some of my own from my childhood (teddy bear, Raggedy Ann, blankets, baptismal gown, other infant clothes).  That thought took me to the basement where a couple containers of tiny infant clothes still sit in the crawl space, things I was too attached to to give away.  Plus drawers of keepsakes for each of the kids.  Then I thought of the things the kids would want to have from their rooms - other lovies, blankets, signed athlete pictures, rosaries, etc. I'd need a house to haul the house away from the fire.  At that point, I had to switch on "Friends" because I needed to stop thinking, knowing I didn't even cover things on the main level - things passed down from grandparents.
Okay, so stop.  See, mind boggling!  Let's move on to today's inspiration, created by Sous Chef Maria Swiatkowski, using the Smaller than a Breadbox March kit; the KaiserCraft Blae & Ivy pack.  This was such a gorgeous set of papers.  I love how Maria used them in blocks (and both sides of the designs) to get the most out of them without it feeling overwhelming.

Today's Scrap Your Stash challenge is to round up three sheets of patterned paper, one sheet of cardstock, 3-5 wooden embellishments, two pins, a set of pearl embellishments and alpha stickers.  Combine the items with your oldest photos from the fall season.

Happy Wednesday.

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