Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Scrap Your Stash #3

Since hubby is out in Georgia doing a week's worth of training, it's just me, the fighting-three, the 3 y.o. and the dog - and all their crazy-butt schedules.  Chaos reigns! 

During my drive time this morning it was cold.  It was grey.  It was drizzling - freezing drizzling.  And it was gorgeous!  For me there's something about waking up to rain, even if it's the freezing kind.  The grey of an all-day rain is much softer than the thunderstorms we'll get later.  There were low-lying, soft white clouds clinging to to the tops and draping down the sides of the foothills and flat-tops.  The rain had washed away the harsh, dry, dusty brown colors that we get this time of the season.  Everything looked fresh, even if it was still brown.  Colors of the houses were popping (even the kids commented on them - "Did they repaint the McDonald's roof?"  "Did the Historical Society house get painted?  It looks brighter.") and the trees though still dormant looked fresher, more alive. 

I don't know if it's because it's Lent and I'm trying to be more "present" or because I'm a scrapbooker that I noticed these things this morning - even in the midst of a 15 y.o. calling to tell me how they were somehow incapable of doing the math-portion of their TCAP without the benefits of a do-it-all calculator, or the drivers cutting me off.  I breathed and took it in.

Do you do that?  Find yourself noticing the small things and wondering if others see it too?  Appreciating a sunset, picturing it through your lens.  Finding the new green sprouts of crocuses just barely above the soil?  Noticing your kids in the rear view mirror when they're actually getting along, or just plain quiet?  I like to think as scrapbookers we see these things maybe a little more often than others.  Not that other people don't, or that they don't appreciate things around them, but as "documenters," I think that those things are just more in our minds. . .everything is an opportunity for a photo and a page.

I was inspired.  Now it's your turn.  Today, working with Pack #3:  Select three coordinating patterned papers, journaling cards, alphabet, 3 - 5 flowers and pair that with the first photos that inspire you - old or new.

Happy Wednesday.

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