Monday, March 12, 2012

Scrap Your Stash Day #6

It was a weekend.  A weekend where hubby arrived home, still sick unfortunately.  A weekend with season openers in soccer; one win, one loss.  A weekend of trying to catch-up.  A weekend of Spring-like weather.  A weekend where Peyton Manning rumors were everywhere and the subsequent trading of Tim Tebow - my daughter will be crushed and is currently in denial.  A weekend where "The Walking Dead" once again left me with my mouth open in shock.  A weekend where, in the end I succumed to extreme overwhelm and shut down; not so good for the catching-up.

As I was eating breakfast I was going through my latest issue of Midwest Living.  I picked up this subscription a year ago from my niece or nephew (I forget which one) during a school fundraiser.  I have LOVED it!  I actually renewed the subscription when the niece/nephew came back around.  It's an awesome size - just enough gardening (not that I do any, but the photos make me want to), just enough recipes (yeah, we know where I am with those and I tried and loved them), ideas for road trips (we still have tons of family in Michigan so good to note for our next road trip)  and enough eye candy from this area of the country to have me really consider returning to my roots - I was born in Minnesota and lived in Wisconsin before coming to Colorado when I was in the 4th grade (after a brief stay in Texas.)  I cracked open the magazine to find a small article about Lilacs; my all time favorite flower.  How could I have forgotten the dainty lovelies.  Looking at the photography, I could almost smell them.  Then I turned the page to see a little shot for dressing-up your table for Spring.  Combine those with Pintrest, devil that is it, which has had me cursing at my empty mantle and viewing it with utter disdain, until Midwest Living gave me ideas on how to dress it for Easter.  And poof!  I'm inspired.  Granted not for the things that had me shutting down over the weekend, the things that really need doing.  No inspired for the important things. . .like making me happy I have a mantle and putting gorgeous silk Lilacs on it, until the real things come into bloom.  I await both, the shopping for the mantle and the blooming of the Lilacs, which are still currently deeply sleeping, with anticipation.

I'm inspired to inspire you to dig into your stash this week and clear it out!  And in the process create a layout or two or five.  Please come play along.  Today pull together a sheet of floral print paper, a plaid paper, a sheet of cardstock, some coordinating silk blooms, some buttons and a length or two of ribbon, pair those with recent birthday photos.

Layouts are due this Saturday evening.  Since I'm feeling energized, it's best I make the most of it.

Happy Monday!


Deanna said...

Really dug in my stash for the items today! LOL See details on my blog.

"Make A Wish"

Charlene said...

I can't wait to see your mantle Lori! It sounds amazing. I'm in a rental house with no fireplace :( Can't wait to be blessed with that and a mantle to decorate for all the seasons! :D