Friday, March 23, 2012

Scrap Your Stash Day #14

Another gorgeous day in the 70's (they're talking 80's on Sunday).  There are cheerful little white, purple and yellow crocuses lining my front walk.  I have a batch of biscotti in the oven, that I can smell.  I have plans to tackle some long-awaited projects and attending the church Fish Fry tonight, I don't have dinner to deal with, so I might have success.  And not a soccer game in sight!  Wish me luck.

I have a double-shot of inspiration today.  First this super-Spring-y card from Kristin Perez, made from her scraps from the Smaller than a Breadbox March kit.  I love the pocket-full-of-butterflies. 
Then there's this bright cheerful tribute to Oreo, on its 100th birthday, from Sous Chef Nancy Longo using the March Bigger than a Breadbox kit.  I love this layout, and it's not just because Oreo's are my favorite store-bought cookie.  I don't scrap these kinds of pop-culture items and looking at it, I wish I did.  How awesome would it be to look back at things like this from my childhood; big giant hair and silver eyeshadow notwithstanding - Spiro-graph, leg warmers, roller skates 70's style, lite-bright, Pee-Chees!  I need to make a mental note to capture some of the pop culture items for my kids and create a layout or two.

Then there's your assignment, because I can smell the biscotti, and it's going from gentle baking smell to sort of burning smell.  Gather a stripe sheet of pattern paper, a coordinating sheet of micro-dot paper, a coordinating larger graphic, two sheets of cardstock, flowers in a variety of sizes, brads, another metal item and a length of ribbon.  Combine the items with photos from the fall.  All this week's layout are due on Saturday evening.  Your gift o'the week, saving $10 on your next order.

Happy Friday!

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Deanna said...

Added my link, "The Perfect Pumpkin"

Thanks for all the great challenges this week, Lori. It's gotten me to scrap some older photos I hadn't really planned on yet.