Monday, March 19, 2012

Scrap Your Stash Day #11

It was a crazy busy weekend and I only made a half a soccer game!  The weather was gorgeous - like in the almost 80 degree range gorgeous.  (Charlene, shaving your legs gorgeous - though pregnancy is sort of an out card for not having smooth legs every day :))
I'm pretty sure I wasn't home on Saturday for more than a couple hours; baby shower for my newest niece - who's only 3 weeks old (were my kids ever that small?  I mean they must have been, but dang!), present shopping afterwards, soccer game (the 11 y.o. only played half the game because of dinner conflicts) and dashing off to dinner to celebrate my father-in-law's 80th birthday.  Saturday night the 3 y.o. starting coughing again, which meant I slept in his room most of the night rather than staggering down, and bouncing off the walls of the hallway 20 times.  Sunday morning was a sleeping in morning, though only because the 3 y.o. and I finally fell asleep around 3 a.m., but I got up to make strawberry pancakes for my older boys who were off helping a neighbor un-TP their home and yard.  We decided to attempt to make the noon Mass, which left us open to make another party for my FIL.  I think we were finally home around 7:30 p.m.  Pizza-man anyone??
It was a crazy weekend, but my husband's brothers came into town to celebrate their father's birthday and it's always nice to have them around, short though the visit was.  So today's a day of catching up. . .well pretty much everything that went undone over the weekend and trying to get a handle on this week's list of to-do's.

As you plan your day, let's get your Stash list together:  one sheet of "specialty" paper (glittered, embossed, diecut, laser cut, flocked, etc.), 2 sheets of coorindating patterns, one set of punched shapes - either of your own making or pre-punched, one set of alphabets, one length of trim.  Pair up these goodies with photos from a birthday.

Layouts will be due Saturday evening.  Prize will be a $10 Gift Code to be used on your next Apron Strings purchase.

And if you're like me and are having a hard time peeling your eyes open this morning, take a gander at this bright and playful layout by Sous Chef Nancy Longo, using the March Bigger than a Breadbox kit (on sale now) the American Crafts side.  I love the take on the penants by using the images punched in circles strung on a length of ribbon.

I hear my washing machine has stopped, the dryer is ringing and I have dinner to get defrosting - soccer calls tonight.
Is it Spring Break yet?

Happy Monday!

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