Thursday, September 26, 2013

Back to School Challenge

I mentioned early today that I'm kinda bored with the pocket-pages.  That's not to say I'll not use them, just that my last few weeks for Project Life have been pocket pages and, well, I'm bored.  The next couple I create I'll take my new "Grid Approach" and scrap.  

How great is this sketch to relieve my boredom?  I found it after a general search and it comes from Write.Click.Scrapbook (check out the examples, too.)  I love WCS - founded by some of the contributors to Simple Scrapbooks magazine after it ceased publication.  Clean and simple layouts and just some really good content.

The end of September is quickly approaching.  Dang.  Really?  Soon we'll be well into the Parade O'Holidays!  Create a layout or card from the above sketch, or shoot, go back and create a whole bunch using any of the sketches from this month.  Then just come back and share your work in the comments to become eligible for the September goodie pack awarded at the end of the month. If it's your first time sharing here, you'll get an extra entry.

Go Create!


Maggie said...

I just need to scrapbook of some sort...

Lori S @ Apron Strings said...

Then consider this challenge your "gauntlet!" I'd love to see something you created posted. ;D