Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Week in the Life - Thursday

Gonna do a little catch-up for a couple days since I kinda feel down Friday and Monday.

Yes, the news reports of Colorado being underwater are correct.  The stats coming out of here are insane.  Luckily, our neighborhood has not experienced the flooding so many of our neighbors are dealing with.  Flooded streets, road closures, the High School was closed Friday and Monday and very soggy yards in our immediate area, but we are lucky to not be bailing water.  

We, personally, are impacted by one major road closed near us - the one we use to get the High Schoolers to school.  Though the school district sent out a notice that kids up the canyon may have upwards of an hour delay in arriving to school (which means they will miss their first classes) and returning home for the next two or three months while road repairs/replacements are dealt with.  My daughter texted me that a friend of hers from the canyon had to leave at 4:15 this morning to make it to school at 6:30; school starts at 7:25.  That's crazy to do for the next few months.  And that's if the road repair schedule is not just an estimate or further delayed by weather; snow for us is just a few weeks away.

I'll recap the weekend tomorrow.  Here are my Week in the Life photos from Thursday:

I realize, now. . .what four days into it. . .I should have done a "what's with the photo" run-down.  I did on Instagram, but for whatever reason, not so much here.  In order:  

  • Another rainy drop-off.  My 12 y.o. is in the yellow, holding his brother's hand, aka the walking backpack.
  • Running late means a Starbucks start to my day
  • Editing.  Lots of editing.
  • One of the 100-year flood collection ponds in our neighborhood.  This one was empty when we left for school this morning, just 7 hours ago.
  • Pick-up after school
  • Bathing with friends
  • The "don't-wake-the-sleeping-dog-on-my-bed" fake out.
  • Story time.
Note the photos taken after dark.  Woohoo for me! :)

Happy Tuesday,

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