Thursday, September 5, 2013

Let's Get Back to School

Labor Day continues to haunt me - throws off my whole week.

For a lot of us back-to-school means an empty house during the day.  It means a clean house staying clean.  It means a snatch of time here or there that we can make our own.

In that vain, challenges are back!  To get a good rolling start, we'll use sketches - one of my favorite vehicles to getting pages done quickly.

The first one is from PageMaps.  If you haven't been over there lately PageMaps is sporting a new design and some exciting new offerings coming up.  I like this layout as it would translate well for pocket-page designs, double up well for a 2-pager and has space to alter for more or less photos.  It would also work well for a card.

So, go clean something and then treat yourself to some creative time.  Link up your work (layout or card) in the comment section and in return I'll pull some goodies together for a treat to give away at the end of the month.  Double entry to those who have never shared their work here yet.  You're reading.  You're following.  You can do this too. ;)

Go create.


Ruth G said...

OK, I've got my orders! Always love PageMaps sketches and I totally agree that they are adaptable in so many ways! Gotta love well-designed inspiration! Thanks for sharing and for the advice to clean first;-)! Even though my brain does it's best creating in the morning, I try and make sure I do my housework first before playing around and getting crafty!

Lori S @ Apron Strings said...

WooHoo Ruth! Yeah, I'm usually do some chores and reward myself with crafty time. However, it's good for the soul to toss of all responsibilities and just craft. ;)

Deanna said...

I used the August Smaller Than Kit for this. Thanks for the PageMap!

"Sweet Delight"

Patchi said...

Here is my LO:

Perfect sketch for the pictures on my craft table and I got to use last year's June kit :)

jengd said...

It's me! I'm still on the face of the planet! :)