Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday? Why am I here?

I'm here quickly, and unusual for a Monday I know, but I have a half a cup of coffee left and the house to myself this morning as hubby is on site today.  So I'm procrastinating getting started on my usual Monday cleaning/laundry efforts to post instead.  Lucky you.

The weekend was great and laid back.  I did make it to my basement and studio and did some major cleaning.  I actually can see the top of BOTH my desk and my work table!!  And the floors around both are passable.  I try not to look to my right where a horizontal surface remains cluttered and filled.  But hey I made good progress and I'm happy with that. 

Saturday I had the time to do some of the craftiness I had wanted to, but I putzed around after the major cleaning instead.  Sunday I had another shot at craft time, but braved the crowds at Costco - it's not a buffet people! - instead.  Hubby had the boys out on the lake - so I really could have made use of the time, but lack of focus kept me from going and digging in.  I think what really happened was I've been planning to do these Pins for a year or more and now that I actually have the time I can't seem to start because I'm afraid it won't turn out like in my head.  I hate that!!

Something did turn out as I'd hoped and that was Friday's dinner.  For our twice-weekly meal with the in-laws I made up this Crispy Skillet Chicken with Bruschetta Pasta and this German Apple Pie to go with it.  The main dish was flavorful and moist.  Really good.  The pasta was easy and fresh.  The pie was crazy good!  Hubby, the I'm-not-a-fan-of-fruit-pies, LOVED it.  I wondered about the cream, but as the blogger said, it was rich and smooth.  She also said you don't need to serve it with ice cream because of the pie's richness. . .eh, serve up the ice cream!!  It is perfect as is, but when I make it again I may try a crumb topping or crust top. 


Homecoming week starts today for my High Schoolers - it is Neon Day, followed by Movies on the Field tonight.  Naturally the coldest, wettest weather of the week falls on game night (Friday) and dance night (Saturday).

Later today will be the final Back to School challenge.  Tomorrow I'll kick off Croptober, so rev those trimmers and whip out your adhesive people!!

Happy Monday,

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