Thursday, September 12, 2013

Week in the Life - Wednesday

Hello from the deck of my ark. . .well, not really, but I'm thinking it might not be a bad idea.  It seems we've gotten an insane amount of water in the last three days.  Somewhere in the neighborhood of 12-24 inches (10 of that last night alone) of rain has fallen, depending on where you are in Colorado.  Streets are flooding, rivers are out of banks, "ponds" are becoming in-land Great Lakes, mountain sides are washing away, a few damns are in danger of just giving way.  And it continues to fall.  They're telling people to stay inside, much like during the blizzards, as roads are unsafe - had a road just a few miles from us totally wash out and take three cars with it.  It's crazy.

I'm still loving the rain, but Mother Nature can back off a bit.  I've tried to capture the amount of rain, because really I can't recall it being this bad, for Week in the Life.  But turns out, it's hard to photograph rain.  I'm driving when I see the overflowing banks, or the 100 year flood ponds that are to the brim.  When I think about the gutters it's after a particularly drenching band has moved on.  I'll get one yet though.  Here are yesterday's shots of life:

This is the type of weather I thrive in and wait for to get lots of cleaning or organizing done.  Or just cozy up and craft. . .you'd think I'd be getting more done.  Huh...

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Happy Thursday,

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