Friday, September 20, 2013

Week in the Life - Sunday and Food

Homecoming is just a couple weeks away for my High Schoolers.  My daughter is planning on going with a group of friends and talks about making the trek to find a dress.  She did the group thing her Freshman year and seemed to enjoy herself.  My son has found someone to ask.  He and his sister came up with a little series of cards, given to her by her friends, to get her to meet him after school.  Armed with some candy and a bouquet of brightly colored daisies, he was off for the day.  His friends ribbed him a bit about the flowers, but he was on a mission, and I think his friends secretly admired him.  Shortly after school let out my daughter sent me the following photo.  Apparently, she said "yes." 
I'm not sure if he's planned any further than asking her, so I don't know if they'll also be going with a group of friends, or just meeting up at the dance.  Time will tell.  My son is nothing if not a planner.
My stinkin' head cold is still hanging on. . .I felt worse yesterday, so I'm hoping it was the peak.  Today I bring you the final day of Week in the Life.
 Still not sure what I'm going to do with the photos - I'm starting to lean toward doing thumbnails of the day and then putting those in my Project Life book.  The run-down on Sunday:
  • Here we go again
  • Tomorrow's his day
  • Not looking warmer or dryer
  • Boys live here
  • A scrapper lives here
  • Rooting for the younger bother.  Bad Denverite
  • Pretzel Dogs for dinner starts with the dough
  • Two happy High Schoolers
  • Sunday dinner.  Simple but tasty
  • Birthday treats for the kindergartner tomorrow
Finally, I may still be fighting congestion, but my appetite hasn't waned much.  Last weekend I finally remembered to pick-up an Angel Food Cake mix, to toss with an opened box of Yellow Cake mix that I'd used only a cup of to make Yellow Cake Pancakes.  I used this Mug Cake recipe I found on Mrs. Happy Homemaker, a blog I follow.  It seemed way to easy to work.  At the very least I expected a dry, rubbery cake. 

It.  Was.  Awesome.  Light.  Moist.  Delish.  We topped ours with caramel sauce and/or chocolate sauce. 

I've also tested out a homemade taco seasoning recipe, which was very good.  I love the idea of not having additives.  I've mixed up a different recipe but haven't used it yet.  Tonight I'm trying my hand at a homemade enchilada sauce, in place of the three cans the recipe calls for.  I think it's time I planned my menu from my I Can Cook That Pin board .  Next week seems as good as any.  Like I said, my appetite hasn't suffered under this head cold. 

I need to continue to push through when I'm feeling decent and get some things done around the house this weekend.  The clutter is getting to me.

Happy Friday,

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