Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Out Damn Bug and Project Life Week #16

Severe ear and throat pain last night kept my daughter out of school yet another day and put me on the phone early this morning to try to get her a doctor's appointment.  She has the same symptoms the rest of us have with this stupid bug, but she's prone to ear infections so I made the appointment to make sure we weren't fighting two things.  Nope.  Fairly clear ears - that's good.  According to the doctor though, she's seen "a ton" of these same symptoms home invaders and that it generally lasts over a week.  Yeah.  I can do without it.

Being in High School, that's a lot of time and work for her to miss.  So long as she doesn't get worse tonight she'll be heading back tomorrow - it's a light day, class-wise, so hopefully she'll be okay.  She's working hard on A's this year, and this "break" could be tough.  The school, and teachers, are pretty good about getting you help, plus there's lots of support on the web with SMART board notes and even videos of the class.  I'm hoping she works at getting what she can done while she's feeling well this afternoon.

I was feeling pretty good a few Fridays ago when I added this page to my stack of completed Project Life layouts.  I actually used a recent (for me) kit - the January '13 Bigger than a Breadbox, though it felt weird to be pulling snow papers for a week from April!

Another glorious fall day here and I've been looking at the Lawn Fawn inspiration week and it's making me really want to do some seasonal stuff.  So I browsed my I Can Do That and Home for the Holidays Pinterest boards looking for ideas.  I have some cute, totally doable, things there.  Now, can I get one or two of them done, or will I be burdened with the unrealistical-expectations-pick-too-many-do-none syndrome?

Happy Wednesday,


wendipooh13 said...

hope your daughter feels better and you get some of that crafty time in.. I know I could use some too.

Lori said...

Thanks Wendi. She's doing better today - she was actually doing better after the boyfriend made a quick stop by the house after football practice. LOL.

Crafting - we need a pact to get scrappy! ;D