Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Round-up

Friday - lots of stuff - food, layouts and a sneak, and not so much in that order.  Today's sketch will be up later.  Let's get to it.
The heat drove me to the basement where I'd like to set up camp, but nobody's letting me.  While I was there I did manage to snap shots of the two layouts I did over the weekend.  Here's one:
The pages are Doodlebug pocket pages.  The one on the left is 4x4 squares.  The one on the right is actually 4x6 blocks that I slipped two 2x3 photos into - I did mat them on coordinating papers to keep them from sliding around.  The paper is very old Scenic Route - I miss them.
I haven't cooked much from Pinterest this week (or last really), but I've been a pinning fool what with all the cool-weather stuff popping up.  I did make this Bacon Spinach Salad from Pioneer Woman on Monday.  It was stinkin' hot and what was on the menu wasn't going to work so I rearranged and went with this.  It was awesome!  I added a some sweet peppers and tomatoes because I was feeding the in-laws and just felt I needed to pump up the salad a bit.  If it was just us, I'd have left well enough alone.  I served it with French Rolls and Rhubarb pie ala mode for dessert.  Perfect!  Tonight we'll be enjoying the Low Country Boil that was originally planned on Monday.  It's still hot.  Way hot, but I want crab!  And we'll be boiling it on the back porch so no hell's kitchen references.
Sneaks of September are up on the website - are you a member of autoship yet?  If so, these lovelies are already earmarked for you.  If not, you can sign-up today and be assured that there's a box with your name on it.  What with a month of challenges, you'll need some new goodies to work with.  Come know you've been thinking about joining anyway.  Today's your day to just do it! :)
No big plans for the weekend.  I'm just waitin' on the rain they say is coming.  I may actually have to lay on the ground to soak it up.  And then go inside and make a warm soup with some pumpkin muffins - I've got those pinned.

Happy Friday,

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