Friday, September 27, 2013

Rain, Cleaning, Crafting and Food on Friday

It's a gorgeous, misty, rainy kind of morning.  The colors in the wetlands on the south edge of our neighborhood are so drenched and beautiful - golden browns of the cattails that fill in the creak.  The gold of the meadow grasses.  The deep green of the bordering trees.  And then the grey-mist covered foothills just a stone's throw away.  Makes me want to clean, craft, bake and nap.  Today'd be a good day for a clone or two.

I mentioned at the beginning of the week that my menu planning for this week was all via my I Can Cook That Pinterest Board.  Get ready for a run down - all of these were good and fast and perfect for a night you plan to scrapbook and or craft. 

Homemade Taco Seasoning and Homemade Enchilada Sauce for some smothered burritos.  The Taco Seasoning has some good heat and because I used Smoked Paprika, some nice smoky notes.  The Enchilada Sauce came out a little thick - I probably cooked it a little too long - so I just added a little more water to get the consistency I wanted.  It was good and, bonus, I no longer need to have cans or spice packets on hand!  WooHoo.

I made Fettuccine Alfredo, a family favorite.  And I'm sure it has nothing to do with all the cream and butter.  This recipe was posted by Jamie Cooks it Up, but is a Pioneer Woman recipe.  It's not in either of her cookbooks, but from her show and/or blog.  Definitely need to use fresh shredded parm.  I was warned and I ignored.  But it was still good.

I had bananas that were well past their prime so I made some Funky Monkey Baked Oatmeal.  Oh my!  I was afraid of adding milk to my reheated baked oatmeals - I thought they'd get mushy and I'd have a bowl a regular oatmeal, which is what I'm trying to avoid going the baked route.  But I've found a tablespoon or two after I've reheated my serving is perfect!  Moist, warm, sort of like a bread pudding.

Dinner tonight, and dessert are also Pins from this board as well.  I'll let you know Monday (or probably Tuesday since I haven't posted on a Monday in a while) how it was.

I love going through my Pin board and moving things from I Can Cook That to I Cooked That.  If you're ever looking for a quick dinner, check there.  I've tried those recipes and make notes in the comments for myself for the next time I make them.  I feel so accomplished moving something from one board to the next.

I'm hoping to do that with some crafty projects as well - well they won't move but they'll be something I completed.  I'm looking at some projects on my Home for the Holidays and I Can Do That boards for home decor pieces.  Which means if I hope to accomplish even one thing I need to get to my studio for some cleaning.  Serious cleaning.  What a pit.

But first I have a German Apple Pie to make.

Happy Friday,

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