Wednesday, July 2, 2014

#100HappyDays - Day 1/100

It has been well documented here, over the years, of my extreme dislike of Summer.  



Oh, sure Summer flaunts time off with your kids.  Let's face it, that bubble bursts with the first round of bickering or the mumbled utterance of, "I'm bored."  Or if you have teenagers, their look of utter disdain at the mere mention that maybe they should think of getting dressed, oh, sometime before 3:00 pm, or perhaps pick up their clothing strewn about their rooms the house, or, heaven forbid, brush their teeth.  Work?  Get off the couch?  Ah. . .no.

Summer tosses out all kinds of teasers words like "fun" and "discover," along with color saturated photos of people frolicking on beaches, laughing at swim parks, screaming with fun at amusement parks, happy families packing it in at parks, water flying sprinkler running, dripping with joy Popsicles on porches, blah, blah, blah.  They don't show the real photos - the ice cream cone dropped in the sand and the screaming child, the giant wave that crashed over the unsuspecting, now panicked, child, the child who ate hotdogs before getting on the magic teacup making the ride not so magic, the family fighting crowds, ants and blowing paper plates in the park, the fighting over whose turn it is to wield the sprinkler, the grape stains on the carpet because it was too flippin' hot to eat the fast-melting Popsicle on the porch.  Those great ideas all require you be outside in the searing heat, slathered in enough sunscreen to make you feel like a walking tub of shortening.  

Oh sure, there's flip-flops and fun mood-lifting bright skirts.  But those require regular maintenance of your pedicure and shaving everyday, lest you be confused with Sasquach. . .in a kicky colorful skirt, no less.  

Summertime. . .don't believe the hype.

So in an effort to not let Summer bring me down, I've decided to undertake the 100 Days of Happy project.  I saw of friend on Facebook posting her daily photos and decided that this would be a good way to make it through possibly find enjoyment during my most hated season.  I'll be hash tagging my photos to Instagram and posting them here.

  • Day 1/100 above.  My morning coffee - dressed in creamer and sugar.

If you have, or are doing, 100 Days of Happy, let me know, I'd love to be inspired/motivated.

Be Happy,

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