Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Humdingers and Sketch Solutions - Lesson 7

Last night we had a humdinger of a storm blow through.  We had sick gold skies, which is a step up from the teal we usually see bringing in the bad stuff, driving rain, hail, big wind - BIG  . . . a micro-burst in the making.  My daughter's friends posted images and video of the damage in their neighborhoods - quarter to half-dollar sized hail, watching their cars being pummeled, enough hail to have to shovel your way out.  It was quite a night.

This morning, evidence was everywhere.  Washed out rock and soil filled the roads.  Local irrigation ditches were fast running, muddy and filled with debris.  Shredded leaves covered sidewalks and lawns.  Low lying areas still had standing water.  Piles of hail could still be seen beneath trees and on berms.  It's grey, humid and cool.  Quite the stark contrast to yesterday afternoon's (before the storm) blue skies, blazing heat of 99 and unrelenting sun.  I love it. . .today. . .not yesterday.

I ended up hosting 26 people on the Fourth, which explains my missing Friday post.  Saturday I honestly can't recall what I did - drawing a total blank.  Sunday, I spent the large portion of my day with my sisters trying to find materials and come up with a design for my family's t-shirts for our upcoming Family Field Day. All that is the long way to say, I didn't do any crafting . . . though my fingers so wanted to.  I'm living vicariously through the completed pages I did a few weeks ago.  

I had forgotten I'd printed out a sheet of Project Life® 2013 photos to complete this page.  Lesson 7 of Sketch Solutions was a grid sketch; so easy, and versatile for any type of scrapbooking, but inparticular for Project Life whether you are using pocket pages, or creating traditional layouts.  Project Life is all about ease. . .coming up with a standard layout or two if you aren't doing pockets is essential.  After mixing up my layouts early in the year, foolishly thinking I needed more in my repertoire, I have settled into grids for my layouts; sometimes in pockets, sometimes not.  (Project) Life is so much easier.

Anyway, the sketch was an 8 1/2 x 11" grid, so I just shifted everything to the left.  Instead of solid photos, I added my journaling card (trimmed down) and embellishments to a couple empty grids. Because I was working in 12 x12, I matted my grid on patterned paper and shifted my title up from the bottom.  Used up more from an older Bigger Apron Strings kit - this one was an Echo Park line from a past summer kit - I think from 2012.

I've got shipping of the kits this week, but there's hope I'll make a bit of time to play.

Happy Tuesday,

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