Wednesday, July 16, 2014

We Are - Athletes, Sort Of

Last Saturday afternoon we gathered for our Inaugural Family Field Day.  Four teams took to the fields for intense competition.  Athletes suffered through pulled hamies, strained shoulders, heat and humidity.  Even lightening threatening in the distance did not deter the well-trained competitors.  (Just an interesting note - all shirts, ribbons and tattoos were created with the Silhouette.  I did our shirts, my sister did the rest.)

Team Pink Flamingos.

Team Old School (Included their highschool emblems and graduation years)

Team Hashtag (They hashtagged names and sayings all over their backs.)

Team Bacon (Yes, our "numbers" are strips of bacon, along with our names:  Makin' Bacon, Canadian Bacon, Bits o' Bacon, Poke Chop, Baconator and Turkey Bacon)

Ball Throw - with your non-dominate hand and an under-inflated ball.

Some athletes tried to distract their competitors with their snappy dress (and later with some questionable running tactics during the 50 Yard Dash)

50 Yard Dash

Crab Run

(Can you hear the Chariots of Fire soundtrack?  We could and so we set our video clip to it.)

We had ribbons for First, Second and Third places complete with Podium Ceremonies.  Some athletes displayed less than good-sportsmanship their displeasure with their performance while on the stand.  This wasn't Youth Sports; not everyone got a ribbon. 

A Team Bacon Sweep

After a rain delay, the events culminated with a dusk-falling game of Kick-Ball.

We ended the day with dinner and cake, celebrating these two women's birthdays, my mom and my youngest sister.  We rehashed the events and watched video clips - laughing so hard we cried.  There was much posting to social media.

Finally . . . We Are enjoying an evening in the park when the temps were more Spring than Summer and some water rocket launching!  It was totally rad.

Happy Wednesday,

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