Thursday, July 10, 2014

Throw-Back Thursday - Sketch Solutions Lesson 8

I'm excited.  Big Picture's Phone Photography Project starts next week.  I was flipping through my photos yesterday, looking for some pictures of my studio for a post, and came across last year's class photos.  I discovered a lot of apps (some I use all the time, some I should delete because I never use them.)  I'm looking forward to playing with my phone's camera again - new perspectives, new angles, new inspiration. And for those who wonder, the photos do end up in my Project Life® 2013 layouts.

I've been getting email updates for The Love of Things class, too, but sadly haven't even taken pictures.  I know in my head what things I'd like to document but just haven't taken the time to start.

Speaking of classes and the motivation and sense of accomplishment they provide, I'm running out of pages to share.  I'm gonna have to do something about that.  Soon.  This is Lesson 8 from Sketch Solutions at BPC.  And in honor of throw-back Thursday, I dug into my stash just a bit, but the photos are definitely old.  2005.  This is my, now, Sophomore in H.S. son.

I stuck to the basics of the sketch, meaning I have four photos and they are arranged similarly to the sketch. I love these types of papers (from the Smaller November '13 kit), but I never know how to best utilize them.   Turns out, single pages or one-photo pages are good ways.

Happy Thursday,

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