Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sketch Solutions - Lesson 5

We enjoyed a nice weekend.  A productive weekend, in spite of the stinkin' heat.  Friday I wasn't into the whole get-it-done as I basically watched a movie and read a book.  I mean I made dinner for in-law Friday, but that was about it.  

The rest of the weekend was more productive, I dragged another car-load of stuff that didn't sell in the garage sale to ARC, de-junked the basement, stored away the camping gear, had the boys haul various items into the crawl space, helped hubby get his crap back into his office from his massive rearranging project (there are still three boxes remaining to deal with), I hauled the empty boxes down to the basement, as well as a catch-all box of stuff that needs putting away down there.  The kids washed all the cars, the boat, mowed ours and the in-law's lawns, de-suckered the terrace and weeded.  Even with all that, I have some boxes in the garage that need to be taken down to the crawl space, items shipped and items boxed for eBay.  Also, hubby picked up some herbs for me that I need to get planted.  

The kids spent Saturday night at my sister's house watching backyard movies, eating too much sugar, camping in the backyard and staying up until 2 am.  You know, doing all the things it's fun to do without parents.  The downside is that once home that sort of night makes the work extravaganza the next day not so fun.  Saturday we also celebrated my mother-in-law's 80th in combination with a hubby's side family reunion.  

All in all there was little, if no time for scrapbooking.  It didn't even cross my mind.  On the plus side, yesterday morning while viewing my Facebook feed, I discovered that I had won a seat in the upcoming Super Stashbusters class (starts on the 31st of July.)  Talk about shocked!  My mind couldn't figure out what I was reading.  I'm also enrolled in For the Love of Things, which started last week and for which I have yet to read the first assignment.  I'm not sure I'll put together the album, but instead create a spread.  Like I said, I haven't read the assignment, so I'll formulate a game plan once I've actually read the assignments.

I do have this layout, from Sketch Solutions to share with you.  I think I have three or four lessons left - the class finished while we were on vacation.  This is Lesson 4.  The sketch was one 5 x 7" photo, which 1) I rarely scrapbook with one photo and 2) almost never enlarge photos.  So for this sketch I kept the general layout, putting the four photos where the one would be and, in general, flipped the remaining elements upside down.  I used the remainder of the Doodlebug line from the March Smaller kit.  Because I'd used the embellishments and a bit of the paper on another page, during the Stashbusters class, I pulled the tag, journaling card, brad, bling and alphabet out of my stash.

Happy Tuesday,

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