Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Geek and What's Left Over

First, can I just say I am a dork.  As you know, I'm taking The Phone Photography Project 2 and we get assignments about three times a week.  I'm participating and shooting and sharing (both on Instagram and in the student gallery on the website.)  I enjoy getting comments on my pictures, maybe more than I should, but I do.  I'm happy when other students comment, and I totally get excited when a teacher "likes" or leaves a comment on my work.  But yesterday when Stacy Julian left several comments on my most recent photos I didn't know what to do with myself.  She doesn't know me from Adam, but it was so cool!  And dork that I am, I'll screen shot the comments and put them in my Project Life® albums.

Anyway, on to today. . .

When I post photos of what kit I'm playing with, I like to share what I have left when I'm done with a kit.  Hopefully, it gives a sense of the usability of the kits.  I generally try to make a card or two to use things up, but then, as you know, I'm pretty much done with a given line of paper and it goes away, one way or another.

I thought it would be interesting to see what the designers have left.  Kristin Perez used the Smaller than a Breadbox kit for July; she created six pages - two 2-pagers and two single pages.  Kristin usually makes cards and tags from her scraps.  She's been known to cover books, make note cards and even table decor with her scraps.  She told me she sorts and saves her scraps.  Here is what she has left from her July kits.  Not a lot, and she didn't make anything extra this month.  Or at least not yet.

Maria Swaitkowski used the Bigger than a Breadbox kit this month; she created eight pages - two 2-pagers and four single pages.  Below is what she has left and there's not a lot left here either.  She has already made two pocket-page cards to use at a later date; Maria does Project Life®, in addition to traditional layouts. She says she does hold on to scraps (using an old kit bag) for the larger pieces.  Smaller pieces she keeps in an old embellishment bag, which sits where she can see it on her desk.  She says the scraps, more often than not, go for Project Life® cards or she'll make birthday cards. 

Jennifer Halleck used the Smaller than a Breadbox kit and created six pages, all of them 2-pagers.  Looking at her layouts, I'd say she didn't have much left over either.  She's not always one to make cards - she's told me they aren't her thing.  Having scrapped with her before, I know saves scraps.  I've seen her take mine when I put them in the throw-away pile, LOL.  She uses her scraps for other altered items like notebooks, clipboards and notecards.  She also makes mini albums.  Most of the items are teacher gifts, but she also makes items for her daughters, their coaches and friends.

Nancy Long worked with the Bigger than a Breadbox kit, created eight pages (all double-page spreads) and tells me she used almost everything in the July kit.  She only keeps scraps of papers from lines she really likes, otherwise she gets rid of them.  She told me she's not a huge fan of ribbon and that she'll keep that for pretty-ing up packages or she'll donate it to the craft boxes at school.

If you want to see what the designers made with their July kits you'll find them posted on Facebook or you can see them in the July newsletter.

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