Thursday, July 3, 2014

Reading Cookbooks & Sketch Solutions Lesson 6

For Christmas I got a stack, literally a stack, of cookbooks.  My hubby and kids know where my heart lies - cookbooks, recipes, Pinterest, it all works.  I have a couple that fall under the same categories (like two Pantry-style cookbooks) and I think I may end up liking one more than another.  It'll be fun to compare them when I'm done.  Is that weird?

Anyway, I set the stack next to the couch in our family room to read.  I've made it through one, almost two.  Since Christmas.  Does anyone else read cookbooks like novels, or is it just me?  Or is that weird, too?

Now, some are just recipe after recipe and that's fine.  But some have stories or notes and photos (not just of the food) and it's these types of cookbooks I just love.  The Homemade Pantry is a cookbook like that; little stories that go with each of the recipes.  I've made a couple things from the book - a really good Italian dressing for one.  I have plans to move us off of more store-bought staples - the author makes it seem that easy.

I'm about done - just a few pages left - with Cast-Iron Cooking with the Sisters on the Fly.  This cookbook makes me want to join one of their adventures . . . just for the food.  But if I could find a quaint camper, that would be a bonus.  But then I'd have to tow it myself and that wouldn't be such a bonus.  I asked for this book because of our week-long cabin camping and I think I'll be trying out a few recipes at home and plan our food for our next jaunt from this book.  I love that they give campfire cooking info. . .not that I'd ever cook that way, but it's nice to have just in case is should ever need to cook that way.

None of this relates in any way to scrapbooking, or the layout below . . . or at least no way that currently comes to mind, other than it inspires me.  Inspires me to try stuff.  Which brings me to my Sketch Solutions Lesson 6.

I'm continuing to work on traditional layouts until I print the remainder of my 2013 Project Life® photos.  I did set up the sheets while up in the mountains.  I ran into my 30 Days of Thankful photos, and will run into December Daily photos, which is slowing me down a bit because I'll just deal with them at the same time as the PL stuff.

Anyway, I mirrored the one-page class sketch to include all the photos, but otherwise followed the sketch.  I also used my Silhouette for the first time (title)!  And I used up the My Mind's Eye Now & Then - Izzy line found in the May Smaller kit.

With luck this weekend I'll not only put another cookbook or two into my stash (though I may need to move a few out to make room) I'll be able to get to scrapbook a little, too.  It's supposed to be blazing hot, so my cool studio in the basement will be my refuge.

Happy Thursday,

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