Wednesday, July 9, 2014

We Are

  • We are going to be filled to the gills with blackberries; the dilemma will be what to do with them.
  • We are getting blueberries, but it'll probably be another year before we can call it a "crop."
  • We are entertaining our self with whipping around one of those gooey, sticky toys that crawls down the wall.
  • We are cooling down in the heat.
  • We are cousins.
  • We are excited for the fireworks show. . .for 10 minutes, then it was all about "when is it gonna be over."
  • We They are "family."
  • We are doing our thing a day later.
  • We are more amused by sparklers than firework shows.
  • We are gonna get slammed. . .and we did.
  • We are crawdaddin'.
Happy Wednesday,

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