Wednesday, July 23, 2014

We Are

  • We are happy to have worn down the people with driver's licenses with our constant requests to go to the pool
  • We are flashing back to last year, when going down the slide wasn't going to happen
  • We are holding our breath. . .
  • . . .We are proud of it
  • We are wishing this was sand under our toes, but we'll take the pool
  • We are thinking we know who's really running this show. . .and not just with his older brothers
  • We are thinking when it's still mid-80's at 9:00 PM we're going home wet in the hopes it keeps us cool
Happy Wednesday,


wendipooh13 said...

ahhh your pool looks super fun!!!! I miss having one like that near me!!

Lori said...

Not to make it worse (and sorry you don't have a nearby pool), but we have two nearby. . .a YMCA just down the block from our house and then a rec center (where these photos were taken) which is about a mile away; the older kids could ride their bikes there. And my sister has a pool and she's not much farther away than the rec center.

At some point I'll have to get brave, shave my legs, shove myself into my suit and at least sit in the pool while my youngest splashes around.