Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bright and Cold Tuesday

It's snowy.  It's clear.  It's even sunny.  But it's downright cold.  It was 2 last night.  I think it's 10 now.  And break out the shorts, it'll be mid-20s for the high.  Actually, it's great weather to hunker down and decorate or bake or start a nice big pot of potato soup, or shoot, just to craft away.  Now, how do I thaw my fingers enough to manipulate a pair of scissors?

St. Nick visited our house this morning to fill the shoes outside the kids' doors.  Naturally they are dad's shoes as they hold more.  ;)  St. Nick is a nice fellow, bringing new holiday pajamas and then gifts that remind us about being a family and sharing or doing things together, and more so when the kids were little, our faith.  This year he lugged up a new desk chair, so mommy isn't having hers stolen (hey, I didn't say I had to share), the Cars 2 movie - load up the butter on the popcorn tonight, a water balloon pump (clearly not for this time of year, unless we're looking for ice balloons) and a Mind Games book (which is already being taken over by one child - again, share?)  Dealing with St. Nick and his goodies always throws us off on school days, but he's a nice thing to wake up to.

Looking for something to get you rolling today?  How about this adorable layout by Sous Chef Anet Tietjen.  Anet is using the December Bigger than a Breadbox kit; the Authentique line.  I love this line for its traditional colors and vintage feel.  I love the glimmer velvet ribbon in there. . .nothing like a little tinsel!

Chores will keep me warm, but they're not near as fun as playing.

Happy Tuesday.

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