Thursday, December 22, 2011

Eek. . .2 Days. . .

and 12" of snow are not conducive to speeding around the suburbs outside of Denver on a shopping mission.  Instead it sucks up precious shopping time with shoveling.  Well, I'm not actually shoveling, but the people that need to go out with me are.

So while I wait, toasty indoors, I realize I should be planning the meal I'm hosting on Christmas Eve.  It's always nice when you invite people over for dinner that you actually have a dinner. . .take-out pizza probably won't cut it.  I should also finalize what's left to get.  With DH's help yesterday we did manage to take care of a big chunk of stuff - though I'm sure in his helping me, he is himself further behind in what he needs to take care of.  The boys even wrapped a few gifts for me last night, so that helped as well.  I also, after two starts and stops, baked up a batch of Spritz cookies (my faves) and mixed up dough for cutter cookies to do later tonight or maybe tomorrow.  Though, I'm sort of reserving tomorrow for the dashing through the snow.  Literally.

If you're still on the hunt, or you know someone who's still on the hunt for the perfect gift. . .send a gentle reminder about an Apron Strings membership...the gift that gives all year long.  There are several pre-pay options available on the website.   A more budget-friendly way is to just sign-up with the recipient as the ship-to person, then you just let me know how long to run the membership for.  There's also a gift card option (in increments of $25.) 

Today, because I can't find my camera cable to upload photos of the snow, or the cookies. . .I leave you with this inspiration, from Sous Chef Jennifer Halleck, using the Smaller than a Breadbox kit, the Echo Park line (I just love, love this line.)  She also used the December Sketch.

Off to pick up the mounds of wet outer gear that I'm sure, despite my asking them not to, the boys have tossed in huge wet piles in the laundry room.

Happy Thursday.

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