Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Five Days and Counting

I have decided I will be one of those hair-on-fire, get-the-heck-out-of-my-way shoppers come Friday - and I'm embracing that.  I will no long fuss or fight the fact that, once again, no matter how much I wish otherwise, I am a late shopper.  I do, however, have a couple positives - my side of the family is not celebrating on Christmas Day, as usual, we will celebrate a week later.  So I'm holding off on that shopping (sorry, guys if you're reading this ;))  And my Secret Santa gifts on the other side of the family are purchased and shipped, as are gifts for my sisters kids in Kentucky.  So I guess that's something.  The rest will come as it is supposed to.  If your in the western suburbs of Denver. . .look out, I'll be on a mission.

Last night, because my days are crazy, as I was tossing together dinner, I thought, "I'll make cookies."  My annual cookie bake will most likely not be happening as more than half the family is gone. . .so I thought, I'll just make a couple batches over a couple days.  Sounded good.  I even had the pound of butter sitting out and softening.  Then I made the mistake after dinner, to sit for a moment. . .bad, bad idea.  The thought of getting up to clean the kitchen from dinner, let alone stand and bake cookies, was just too much.  So, I'll give it a go again today.  Maybe if I start earlier.

Or maybe a look-see at this adorable layout, from Sous Chef Amy Crockett, will inspire me to bake later, because clearly the thought of my favorite cookie isn't cutting it, LOL.  Her layout captures all the joy of Christmas Morning and I love the throw-back feel of the photos (whether that was intentional or not, I love it.)

Actually, all that's doing is making me wish I had an hour, shoot 30 minutes, to sit and create a page.  Hmmm. . .that's not a bad idea either. . .

Happy Tuesday.

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jengd said...

Are you NUTS?! :) It's just nuts in Winston-Salem where all of the stores are. I'm avoiding that area like the plague now and thankfully, I can.
Cute layout! I agree- the throwback feel is fun.