Monday, December 30, 2013

Don't Make Me Count It

Most of the time running Apron Strings is fun.  There are a couple things I will put off until I absolutely have to do them.  One is bookkeeping - not a fan (and yet I sought an Accounting degree in college.)  The other is counting inventory at the end of the year - hate it!

You can help me.  Not so much help me with the counting (though I'd love the help), but rather reduce what I have to count by shopping Apron Strings Year-end Sale.  There are discounts all over the place - some as much as 70%.  Now, add a 10% coupon code and save more. 

Enter YE2013 when you check out to save an additional 10% on your order, on top of whatever savings you already have on your individual items.  Coupon code expires Jan. 2, 2014

Coupon is good for one use only.  Please remember your coupon code as refunds will not be given if you forget it.  Autoship members' orders will ship with their January kits.

Go.  Shop.

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