Friday, December 13, 2013

New Driver, Quick Food and Wrap It Up

Hubby is off doing year-end reviews for the next three or four business days, which means he's super tired and getting home late.  Our 15 y.o. recently completed his driver's training, which means he's ready for his permit.  We tried, yesterday, to get it, but forgot his birth certificate.  So, I took him this morning during his off-block, proper paperwork in hand.  He's now official.  And IT'S official we have two teen drivers.  Crap.

This month started quickly and seems to be picking up speed.  Outside of our twice-weekly meals with the in-laws, my meal planning has been super simple.  I've made these quick, easy and really good French Dips before, and they fit the I-need-something-good-and-fast mold I'm working in these days.  I used Muenster and the broth the blogger mentions is a need-to-make!

I also made this Chicken and Black Bean Casserole that I had pinned, complete with homemade enchilada sauce and rotisserie chicken.  It was good; even better the second day.  If you use your favorite canned sauce, it's fast.  But I don't think I'll make it again.  There wasn't anything seriously wrong - had good flavor.  I probably just wasn't in the mood for it the night I made it, but it's lack of impression on me, means I'll just pass on another showing.

Finally, it's the last Wrap It Up of the week.  You have until Sunday evening to get your projects linked up to be eligible for the weekly drawing.  REMEMBER, the prize is a KIT!

I found this card on, where else, Pinterest and it led me to

I love the mix of the Newsprint with the Kraft and Stripes.  Maybe it draws your eye as well, and you'll translate that to your project.  Maybe it's the punched circle with the sentiment behind.  Maybe it's the stitching.  The buttons. The touch of black.  The pinked edges of the Kraft circles.  Or the circles themselves.  Whatever you choose to add to your card or layout, get it done and up here by Sunday night.

With hubby's crazed schedule for the next few days, we'll be having down time this weekend.  Kit boxes and shipping are past me (be on the lookout members!), so I may take a day for myself before I dig back in to business and Christmas.

Happy Friday,

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