Friday, August 1, 2014

Classes and Menus

Life was pretty good this week.  It rained. . .a lot.  It was (and still is) nice and cool - I had to pull on a lightweight hoodie and I even wore my slippers to keep my feet warm one day!  I wasn't so productive creatively speaking, though I did pick-up my embroidery a couple times, but I did finally remember to freeze some buttermilk before it turned.

I've been clicking away on Lessons in the Phone Photography Project 2 class which has been fun; the one above is from the Action lesson an is probably one of my favorites.  I like looking for the current lesson as I go through my day.  There has only been one lesson I just haven't submitted anything for yet and that was Silhouettes.  Maybe because it was too hot to capture an into-the-light-photo, and now it's too grey to get a silhouette.  I'll get one yet though.  Below are two more - one for Vantage Point and the other for Lines.

Yesterday Super Stash Busters started.  After the first class, I heard there were plans in the work for another and was waiting with credit card in hand.  Instead, I ended up winning a seat!  I've got my first Challenge printed out and hope to work on it over the weekend.

I did all my menu planning from Pinterest again this week.  Now, if I could only do the same with some of my other boards, like I Can Do That or Scrappin Ideas.  At the very least I should go through and do a clean-out.  If you're looking for some-been-there-cooked-that recipes that are also good to get you back to crafting this weekend, check these out:

Coconut Limeade Slushy - Start your night or bring it with you while you craft.  I made this Slushy and was in love.  It's light and cool with a nice lime flavor.  After my first sip, I decided I'd make it again and substitute in Cherry Vodka for the Coconut Rum.  Yum.

BLT Macaroni Salad - I made this as a side for a Flank Steak I grilled up on Monday.  I used shell pasta because that's what I had on hand, but shells never hold up well for me - they like to nest and tear.  This would be great as main dish with the left over flank steak (if we'd had any) or with rotisserie chicken.

No-Cook Coconut Pie - A super simple, no heat required dessert that was really, really good.  I used French Vanilla (had it on hand) pudding instead of plain vanilla.  I made my crust instead of using a store bought.  The only thing I will do different next time is a bit more coconut extract.  I'm not sure if it was the french vanilla I used that maybe was more heavy on the vanilla, or just a lighter taste of coconut to begin with.  I had no complaints though.

Chorizo Sweet Potato Skillet - Because of the cooler weather that was forecast for this week I was able to pick recipes I would not normally do during the summer - skillet meals.  I love skillet meals because they're all in one - a side salad or bread could be added.  This one intrigued me with the sweet potatoes (we love sweet potatoes.)  It was great!  Just the right amount of heat.  We used the leftovers the next day to make quesadillas.  The recipe calls for either green or red salsa - I had red, but I'll give green a try next time.

Mango Black Bean Chicken Quinoa Bowls - This was delicious.  I offered it two ways - in a burrito or just in a bowl; I was the only bowl-taker.  It would also be great as the filling for a lettuce wrap.  It was light and fresh and the lime and olive oil was just enough to keep it from being dry.  To keep the heat out of the kitchen use rotisserie chicken and toss it with chili powder and cumin.

Crock-Pot Hawaiian Sandwiches - I love my slow cooker, I just need to use it more in the summer - even though it does produce a bit of heat in the kitchen, at least I'm not standing over it.  These were a good, no effort meal.  Next time I'll cook it a little less - my slow cooker seems to run to the hot side and I'm constantly adjusting my cook times, so the flavor of ham had cooked out.  Besides adjusting the time, I might get the ham sliced a bit thicker.  It would be a good way to use up holiday ham, too.  I used fresh pineapple and just sliced it thin.  I've started making my own hamburger buns, thanks to the recipe I found in The Homemade Pantry and next time I might butter and toast them.

Skillet Cheesy Chili Mac - Yep, another skillet meal.  A cheesy goodness all-in-one skillet meal; love those.  I had kids who don't usually take seconds, taking seconds.  It fed the six of us, plus seconds and I still have leftovers - probably for one person, but it made plenty.  Crusty bread on the side would complete it.

I'm not having to cook dinner today, so after a brief tidy of the house, my plan is to scrapbook.  If you've got plans, crafty ones (maybe you're taking the Super Stash Busters class) or not, this weekend, any of those meals would free you up to get back to whatever you're doing.  Don't forget the cocktail.

Happy Friday,

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